Red Rocks Fall Seminar September 6th 2019

6 CE's


Live, Interactive and Fun!



Breakfast & Lunch included



Red Rocks Amphitheatre Morrison Colorado


 8:15- 9:00 sign in coffee and breakfast in the Rock Room

 9:00-10:30 Medical Emergencies in the Dental Office -Rock Room

 10:30-12:00 Repetitive Strain Injuries and Dentistry-on the steps outside

12:00-1:00 Lunch provided can be enjoyed anywhere in the Amphitheatre

 1:00-4:00 How to Undo What the Dental Profession has Done to You

How to Undo What the Dental Profession has Done to You 

Instructor: Dr. Bahar Esmaili DDS 

Credit Value: Three Credits 

Course Description: This presentation covers what health care professionals need to know about posture and its functions. The dental profession can have major affects on the human kinetic chain. One kink in this chain can affect all the other links! Pain and injuries are very common in our field. It is important to the success of our careers that we understand how dentistry is affecting our posture and what we can do to stop the damage and reverse it.

Course Objectives: 

Know what the human kinetic chain is.

Learn what part of the kinetic chain is most affected by repetitive motions

Reduce the affects of poor posture and the symptoms associated with it.


Repetitive Strain Injuries and Dentistry

Instructor:​ ​Erica Weddle
Sponsor:​ ​Dental CE Masters
Credit value: 1.5

Course Description: This class will include  discussion on what repetitive strain injuries are, which ones are common in the dental field and how to recognize them.  A demonstration of Yoga poses that can be done to  strengthen & lengthen the over used muscles and tendons of the body caused by working with patients will be presented on the steps of the Amphitheatre. Please dress appropriately to participate with the stretches and bring a yoga mat if possible.  Preventing and treating these injuries is critical to performing our every day work tasks and keeping us healthy for our careers.  

Class objectives :
Learn what a repetitive strain injury (RSI) is and what can cause them in dentistry
Know the symptoms of RSI

Learn Yoga stretches to prevent and treat the symptoms of RSI

Erica is a CPT, certified yoga instructor and owner of Simply Fitness Studio. Neither she nor members of her immediate family have any financial interests to disclose relating to the content of this presentation. 

Medical Emergencies in the Dental Office

Instructor: Melissa Masters BS, RDH

Credit value: 1.5 

Course description:  This class will cover the most common medical emergencies seen in the dental office. We talk about preventing, recognizing and treating these emergencies. Scenarios will be presented for discussion. We will also review the use of nitrous oxide along with the absolute and relative contraindications.

Class Objective:

Know what you can do to prevent a medical emergency.

Recognize when someone is having a medical emergency.

What you can do to treat a medical emergency in the dental office.

Review the contraindications of nitrous oxide 



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