Restore your Inner Peace for Dental Professionals

Instructor:​ ​Wendy Bloom
Sponsor:​ ​Dental CE Masters

October 16th  

Time: 7:30pm​​ ​EST/6:30pm CST/5:30pm MST  
Cost $40 - Payment Link Below
Live​ ​Webinar​ 

Min 3 Max 15 Participants  

Did you know that emotional illness ranks third in order of frequency of health problems amongst dentists, while in the general population it ranks tenth? Emotional issues not only affect the dentist, but the rest of the staff as well. Why can dentistry be such a stressful job and what can you do about it? 


Learn how to

Center and balance yourself

Feel whole and connected 

Clear your head

Reduce/eliminate anxiety in you or your patient

Relieve tension and anger