Nutrition and its Effects on the Oral Cavity



Time 11 am EST/ 10 am CST/9 am MST/8 am PST

Instructor: RaeAnn Nethercutt

Sponsor: Dental CE Masters

2 CEUs


Course Discription


Class Description: Nutritional deficiencies result when there is an imbalance between what the body needs and what it is getting.

This class discussing in depth the importance of recognizing signs and symptoms of oral manifestations from Vitamins deficiency, why vitamins are important, who is at risk of developing deficiency, and dietary sources of each vitamin.

Course Objectives


1.Recognize Signs and Symptoms of Nutritional deficiencies in the oral cavity.

2.Early Detection for Nutritional Deficiencies.

3. Education for patients.

4.Diabetes and Thrush signs and symptoms in the oral cavity.

5. Dry mouth and its effects on the oral cavity.

6.Discussion of Vitamin A, B, C, D, K, Calcium, Zinc, Folic Acid, why they are important and who is at risk for deficiency,

Nutrition $35