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Minimize Neck and Back Pain with Yoga

 Instructor:​ ​Erica Weddle
Sponsor:​ ​Dental CE Masters
Cost $50
Live​ ​Webinar​ 

July 27th

1:30 EST/11:30 MT
Min 3 Max 15 Participants

This class will will start with calming breath-work. Leading into demonstration of Yoga poses to strengthen & lengthen the over and underworked areas of the body from working with patients or clients. We will discuss current trouble zones and move through a series of poses for you to learn an at home Yoga practice. Most stretches can also be incorporated into your work day

Class objectives :
•Assess-discuss trouble zones in body regarding ergonomics in the workplace.
•Introduce-demonstrate and practice yoga poses/stretches collectively as a group.
•Encourage home practice with written list of poses.

Erica is a CPT and owner of Simply Fitness Studio. Neither she nor members of her immediate family have any financial interests to disclose relating to the content of this presentation.

Cost of course is fully refundable if participant requests a refund 48 hours or more prior to class start time or if the instructor cancels course for any reason.
You will receive a link when payment is received