Indiana Winter Seminar 1/19/19



1/19/19 @ 2pm


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Optional AHA BLS Certification is being offered after the seminar. $60 per person. Certification is good for 2 years

Indianapolis Winter seminar 1/19/19

6 CE's


Live, Interactive and Fun!



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The Marott 2625 N Meridian St Indianapolis

Course Information

Musculoskeletal Strengthening for the Dental Professional-  

The dental professional can be a physically demanding job. Several dental professionals report neck pain, shoulder pain, lower back pain, and elbow and hand pain. These joints are critical for the dental professional to perform his/her job. Often this pain is caused by muscular imbalance due to repetitive use, overuse, or sitting in maladaptive positions. Exercises can be done to treat and in many cases prevent these injuries before they occur.

Discuss common injuries that occur to dental professionals
Discuss exercises useful in preventing those injuries
Demonstrate exercises that can be done to prevent common injuries 

Cultural Considerations in Dentistry Mini Workshop -                                                       Culture or the specific beliefs, attitudes, and customs of specific social groups, no doubt have an effect on one’s oral health. It determines how likely they are to seek treatment and preventative care. How they perceive their teeth and even their oral hygiene practices. Being aware of these sometimes subtle nuances will greatly enhance the practitioners ability to relate to and treat patients of all ethnic backgrounds. This class is specialized to best benefit the audience that will hear it. Examples are given from major ethnic groups within the demographics of the area.

Class objectives:
- Acculturation and its effects on treatment plan acceptance. (What
cultural factors could be taken into account with treatment plan)
- Exploring Reasons for Disparities in Oral Health.
- Role of Doctor-Patient Communication
- The Intimate Relationship of Cultural Competence and Oral Health Literacy
- What we expect patients to know and what we as professionals should know about each patient. 

Nutritious Eating for Health and Well Being –  

Feeling sluggish towards the middle of the day?

Having trouble sleeping?  

Having trouble focusing during the day?

Eating a nutritiously can benefit you professionally.  There have been numerous studies that have shown that nutrition can provide energy, mental clarity, aids in relaxation, and numerous other benefits, but sadly, there are few comprehensive courses on nutrition taught in primary, secondary, and sometimes even college.  Taking the time to learn basic nutrition information will help teach you to eat for your individual goals and well being during stressful times.  


Learn how to properly read a nutrition label

  • Learn basic macronutrient info
  • Learn key micronutrients
  • Learn how to meal prep    Are there company policies that are particularly important to your business? Perhaps your unlimited paternity/maternity leave policy has endeared you to employees across the company. This is a good place to talk about that.

De-Escalating Workplace Violence –  Sadly we live in an age where violence is on the increase. Violence against healthcare workers including Dental professionals is rising at an alarming rate. Labor statistics reveal that 70% of all non fatal workplace violence incidents are in healthcare. Dental professionals find themselves dealing with the general public in situations that are sometimes unpleasant and stressful. This course provides some basic tools to increase situational awareness, to identify and avoid potentially dangerous situations, and if need be have some basic physical skills for personal defense.

Course includes training on:
• Situational Awareness
• Recognition of Pre-Violence Cues
• Verbal De-escalation
• Understanding of Personal Critical Incident Planning and Response
• Basic Physical Self Defense Tactics

Our instructors have decades of experience in personal defense training and instruction. This course is structure to provide immediate skill takeaways to not only equip but empower Dental professionals.           

Refund Policy- No refunds after December 31, 2018


Angel and Jeff from Toccoa Security

Angel and Jeff from Toccoa Security