Indiana Fall Seminar - Bloomington October 18, 2019

Schedule 6 CEU's

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8am: Register, coffee, light breakfast 

9-11 :Preventing repetitive Stress Injuries in Dentistry 2CEU

11-12:30:Medical Emergencies in the Dental Office 1.5CEU

12:30-1:30 Lunch

1:30-4pm:De-escalating Workplace Violence 2.5CEU

This seminar will require active participation appropriate for all activity levels.

Stretching and self defense moves will be taught. Please bring a yoga mat if you can and dress appropriately


Course descriptions


Preventing repetitive Stress Injuries in Dentistry

 Course Description: This class will include  discussion on what repetitive strain injuries are, which ones are common in the dental field and how to recognize them.  A demonstration of Yoga poses that can be done to  strengthen & lengthen the over used muscles and tendons of the body caused by working with patients will be presented. Please dress appropriately to participate with the stretches and bring a yoga mat if possible.  Preventing and treating these injuries is critical to performing our every day work tasks and keeping us healthy for our careers.  

Class objectives :
Learn what a repetitive strain injury (RSI) is and what can cause them in dentistry
Know the symptoms of RSI

Learn Yoga stretches to prevent and treat the symptoms of RSI

Erica is a CPT, certified yoga instructor and owner of Simply Fitness Studio. Neither she nor members of her immediate family have any financial interests to disclose relating to the content of this presentation. 


Medical Emergencies in the Dental Office

 Course description:  This class will cover the most common medical emergencies seen in the dental office. We talk about preventing, recognizing and treating these emergencies. Scenarios will be presented for discussion. We will also review the use of nitrous oxide along with the absolute and relative contraindications.

Class Objectives:

Recognizing at risk patients

Recognize when someone is having a medical emergency.

What you can do to treat a medical emergency in the dental office.

Review the contraindications and adverse effects of nitrous oxide.

Melissa is a former paramedic/firefighter.

Current RDH and AHA BLS Instructor



De-escalating Workplace Violence

 Sadly we live in an age where violence is on the increase. Violence against healthcare workers including Dental professionals is rising at an alarming rate. Labor statistics reveal that 70% of all non fatal workplace violence incidents are in healthcare. Dental professionals find themselves dealing with the general public in situations that are sometimes unpleasant and stressful. This course provides some basic tools to increase situational awareness, to identify and avoid potentially dangerous situations, and if need be have some basic physical skills for personal defense.
Course includes objectives:
• Situational Awareness
• Recognition of Pre-Violence Cues
• Verbal De-escalation
• Understanding of Personal Critical Incident Planning and Response
• Basic Physical Self Defense Tactics

Our instructors have decades of experience in personal defense training and instruction. This course is structure to provide immediate skill takeaways to not only equip but empower Dental professionals. 


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