Cultural Diversity in Dentisrty

Instructor:​ ​Nicole Montiel LDH
Sponsor:​ ​Dental CE Masters 

Wednesday April 8th, 2020

Time​ ​4:30 pm​ EST/3:30 pm CST/2:30 pm MST/1:30 pm PST  
Min 3 max 15 participants
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2 CEU's
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Cultural Considerations

Course Overview:Culture or the specific beliefs, attitudes,  and customs of specific social groups, no doubt have an effect on one’s oral health. It determines how likely they are to seek treatment and preventative  care. How they perceive their teeth and even their oral hygiene practices. Being aware of these sometimes subtle nuances will greatly enhance the practitioners ability to relate to and treat patients of all ethnic backgrounds. This class is specialized to  best benefit the audience that will hear it. Examples are given from major ethnic groups within the demographics of the area.  

Course Objectives:

- Explore acculturation and its effects on treatment plan acceptance. (What cultural factors could be taken into account with treatment  plan) - Explore Reasons for Disparities in Oral Health. - Understand Role of Doctor-Patient Communication - Understand The Intimate Relationship of Cultural Competence  and Oral Health Literacy - Enhance understanding as to what we expect patients to  know and what we as professionals should know about each patient.