Chair Stretching to Revitalize Your Day for Dental Professionals


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 Course:​ ​Chair Stretching to Revitalize Your Day for the Dental Professional
Instructor:​ ​Christopher Carey
Sponsor:​ ​Dental CE Masters
Date:​ ​Saturday August 11th
Time​ ​1pm​Est/12pmCST/11am/MST
Cost $50
2 CEU's
Live​ ​Webinar​ 

The dental professional is subject to numerous physically demanding tasks, whether it be repetitive movements or positioning his/her self in maladaptive postures. Though these things cannot be completely eliminated, taking time to stretch can not only realign the body to prevent muscular imbalances, it can also stimulate other body systems that can aid the dental professional throughout the day. 

Explain how the dental profession can cause muscular imbalances and injuries, which could lead to inadequate performance in the office
Explain how stretching affects the human physiology and how this can help prevent potential muscular imbalances and injuries
Demonstrate stretches that can be done in the office to prevent muscular imbalances and invigorate the work day.

Neither Chris nor members of his immediate family have any financial interests to disclose relating to the content of this presentation. 

Cost of course is fully refundable if participant requests a refund 48 hours or more prior to class start time or if the instructor cancels course for any reason.
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Dental CE Masters designates this activity for 2 continuing education credits.