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Come join us for a day of continuing education at Red Rocks! Classes include Workplace Violence: Recognizing and De-escalating Violence in the Dental Office, Reducing Neck and Back Pain with Yoga, Cultural Considerations in Dentistry, Stress Management, and Cancer Screening.

September 22nd - CE ON THE ROCKS!

The first 50 paid participants will receive a FREE yoga mat!

On September 22nd Dental CE Masters is proud to announce that we will be hosting a seminar in the Rock Room at Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Morrison, Colorado! Come join us for a day of learning, fun, food and views all while earning 6 CE credits from an ADA CERP Recognized Provider. 

We will have vendors to educate and demonstrate some new and exciting products, breakfast and lunch will be served. Come learn from local and out of state professionals!


7:15-8:00 Sign In

7:30-8:15 Breakfast

8:15-9:45 Work Place Violence: Recognizing, De-Escalating and Confronting Violent Behavior in the Dental Profession

9:55-10:55 Reducing Neck & Back Pain with Yoga

11:00-12:00 Cultural Considerations in Dentistry

12:05-12:35 Stress Management for the Dental Professional

12:35-1:35 Lunch

1:35-3:35 The One Screening Your Patients Can't Live Without


Work Place Violence: Recognizing, De-Escalating and Confronting Violent Behavior in the Dental Profession

Instructor: Angel Wells

Sadly we live in an age where violence is on the increase. Violence against healthcare workers including Dental professionals is rising at an alarming rate. Labor statistics reveal that 70% of all non fatal workplace violence incidents are in healthcare. Dental professionals find themselves dealing with the general public in situations that are sometimes unpleasant and stressful. This course provides some basic tools to increase situational awareness, to identify and avoid potentially dangerous situations, and if need be have some basic physical skills for personal defense.  

Course objectives: -Situational Awareness -Recognition of Pre-Violence Cues -Verbal De-escalation -Understanding of Personal Critical Incident Planning and Response -Basic Physical Self Defense Tactics  

Our instructors have decades of experience in personal defense training and instruction. This course is structure to provide immediate skill takeaways to not only equip but empower Dental professionals. 

Minimize Neck and Back Pain with Yoga 

Instructor: Erica Weddle

This class will will start with calming breath-work. Leading into demonstration of Yoga poses to strengthen & lengthen the over and underworked areas of the body from working with patients or clients. We will discuss current trouble zones and move through a series of poses for you to learn an at home Yoga practice. Most stretches can also be incorporated into your work day.

Class objectives : -Assess-discuss trouble zones in body regarding ergonomics in the workplace. -Introduce-demonstrate and practice yoga poses/stretches collectively as a group. -Encourage home practice with written list of poses. 

Cultural Considerations in Dentistry

Instructor: Nicole Montiel

Culture or the specific beliefs, attitudes, and customs

of specific social groups, no doubt have an effect on one’s oral health. It

determines how likely they are to seek treatment and preventative care.

How they perceive their teeth and even their oral hygiene practices. Being

aware of these sometimes subtle nuances will greatly enhance the

practitioners ability to relate to and treat patients of all ethnic

backgrounds. This class is specialized to best benefit the audience that

will hear it. Examples are given from major ethnic groups within the

demographics of the area.

Class objectives:

- Acculturation and its effects on treatment plan acceptance. (What

cultural factors could be taken into account with treatment plan)

- Exploring Reasons for Disparities in Oral Health.

- Role of Doctor-Patient Communication

- The Intimate Relationship of Cultural Competence and Oral Health

Literacy- What we expect patients to know and what we as

professionals should know about each patient.

Stress Management for the Dental Professional

Instructor: Talitha Vogt 


Stress is a fascinating subject!  Research suggests that just enough stress makes you “tough”, but too much will “break” you!  How do we temper our stresses to ensure success?  This mini-course will introduce a few modalities that are available for reducing the impact of stress on your overall health.

The One Screening Your Patients Can't Live Without

Instructor: Susan Cotten

According to The Oral Cancer Foundation, one person dies every hour of

every day from oral cavity and oropharyngeal cancers in the U.S. For years, the leading cause

was heavy tobacco and alcohol use. But that’s changed with the emergence of the human

papilloma virus (HPV-16) which now accounts for 60-70 percent of all oral cancer.

We are uniquely positioned to screen for abnormalities and save the lives of countless patients.

But expanded screening protocols are the key as HPV-16 has necessitated the watch for

additional symptoms. Join us as we review HPV and discuss screening and referral best

practices, including a hands-on demonstration of this modern life-saving safeguard against head

and neck and oral cancer.

Course Objectives: 

Upon completion of the course, attendees will be able to:

-Know the signs and symptoms of HPV-16-caused oropharyngeal cancer

-Potentially save the lives of patients unknowingly carrying symptoms of oral cancer

-Implement best practice protocol for the intra- and extra-oral cancer screening

Vendors include  ¡Anda! Language Solutions, Q-Optics, Crown Seating

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You will also have the chance to win a Crown Seating saddle chair!